'the eagle of two heads' pendant
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in collaboration with naš.

the primeval aryanoslavic two-headed eagle - symbolising rulership over the physical & spiritual planes of existence - emblazoned with the ancient symbol of the serbian people forms the coat of arms of the republic of serbia; the queen bee of all serbs worldwide, wherever they may be.

wear it with pride.


- certified 18-karat solid gold/gold plated

- water, heat, sweat resistant

- discolouration/tarnish-proof

- hypoallergenic (no green skin)

- designed in canada

- handmade

- unbeatable durability


weight: 7 grams

length (pendant-only): 3.5 cm

width: 2 cm

thickness: 1.5 mm

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'sama srbija sebe spasila' hoodie
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*proceeds to families in need

designed in nyc

printed in la